im hannah

i don't know why i blog


Is your name volume because I wish you’d turn the fuck down

Anonymous:  You actually look a fair bit like Vanellope (the icon)!

aw dis nice

Anonymous:  you're so irrelevant now lol :)

yea maybe because I’m busy during the day traveling Europe with my friends… sorry ‘bout it ya bitter weirdo

moi by a tree 🌳

moi by a tree 🌳

not to offend anyone here but, im beautiful and anyone would be lucky to have me


as a girl, loving yrself isn’t just cool and positive for daily life, but it’s also very political. companies and laws and social standards don’t advocate self-love for women. it’s Abnormal and it might seem like a little thing to do but it’s actually crucial. keep up the good work gals :~)

I is a cute b*tch

too lazy to sleep